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Are you a self-employed business person needing to get your books organized? Come to this class to learn more about how Quickbooks can help you. We will review the various Quickbooks desktop and Online options, demonstrate how Quickbooks works an overview fashion, provide some guidelines for how to start using Quickbooks, and answer questions you may have about Quickbooks. We will also discuss other options besides Quickbooks. Presented by Jay Panuska - QB ProAdvisor and Accounting Software Consultant
This class will provide you valuable introductory information from an attorney on the legal issues of starting, growing and running a business. Topics will include: Entity types, legal needs, pitfalls to avoid, planning an exit strategy, legal documents overview, and main points to consider when hiring an attorney. Hear some real life examples of businesses who have done this correctly, and examples of what may happen if you do this wrong - from an experienced attorney. Presented by Belnap Legal
This class will introduce you to how and why to write a business plan for your new idea, or create a plan for your existing business. The class is taught by successful author and business owner/entrepreneur Phil Sigler. Phil will also offer his book and app on business plan writing with a special offer. Phil Sigler PS 12/24
Want a basic course of useful topics for the most common uses of your computer or tablet. Topics like - How to Navigate the Internet, What is a Browser, Email Basics, Computer Terminology, How do those things Work explained 3 minutes, What is an APP anyway? This class is not for anyone under 50, and will be taught be an experienced computer consultant who will speak basic English terms without jargon.
What are the current trends such as cloud computing, tablets and smartphone vs PC's, what is on the horizon, what trends to watch for, what to avoid. This class will be taught be a computer visionary that has leveraged future trends within their business and personal life.
Did you get a techie Christmas present that is still the box because you are afraid to turn it on? Want to take advantage of that latest smartphone that you received but still use your old flip phone? Bring the mystery gadget to this class and we will help you learn more about it. Plus you'll see what other people received for their Christmas gadgets.
What are the basic strengths and weaknesses of the 2 most popular types of smart phones? How to evaluate which one to buy next and the basic price points of the current offerings. See both types action and ask the questions that you most curious about.
See the types of Apps being used most effectively by tech professionals their day to day operations. This will focus on productivity Apps and will not include Angry Birds or any games.
Learn how an expert tech pro and a parent of teenage girls builds a safe home network to restrict use to web surfing and lock out the dangers of the Internet bad guys. This will address basics like setting up a wireless network, adding printers, security within Windows, and the most important tips to safeguard against hackers.
This will discuss tech trends that will be useful for the average home. Topics will include smart thermostats like NEXT, home camera's and surveillance, why do I want to turn off lights from my smart phone, how to evaluate what is useful for the home vs. what is not.
Best practices for business owners to leverage the most popular accounting software used by 90% of small businesses. Topics will include how to read reports, what reports are most useful, how to monitor staff use of Quickbooks, what are the most common embezzlement tactics, the new Dashboard reports, interpreting your data.
Want to build your own home theater so you can understand how to use it? We will show you the basics of home theaters using the most cost-effective techniques and products to provide you great entertainment without breaking the bank account.
Topics this class will include tech tools for home buying, saving money, financial planning. Plus, share your top tech tips with other twenty somethings to see what they are doing! This will be a fun class taught by Toby of WebMarkets. So Toby should edit this.
Learn the basics of social media marketing to business and consumers. Presented by Kris Lloyd - WebMarkets, Director of Online Strategy
Are you confused of the actual value a hashtag provides? WebMarkets will conduct an informational class to communicate the value and importance of hashtags on social media. Presented by Kris Lloyd - WebMarkets, Director of Online Strategy
The future is bright....and its mobile. Discover the do's and dont's when creating a mobile online presence. Presented by Toby Stauss - WebMarkets, Director of Web Development
Learn how to explode your business with Google advertising and its variety of tools to increase reach, frequency, and lead generation for your business. Presented by Kris Lloyd - WebMarkets, Director of Online Strategy
Description of it would be : Learning how to use Photoshop with out all the frustration. Gain confidence and key base knowledge to make editing simpler and faster.Kenne Johnston
Description of it would be : Learning how to use Photoshop with out all the frustration. Gain confidence and key base knowledge to make editing simpler and faster.Kenne Johnston
How to really raise the bar on all your networking activities. This workshop will cover all the ins and outs of effective networking, all the do’s and don’ts. Learn how to really make the kind of powerful connections that you need to make to get great results, leads, referrals and clients/customers. Frank White
Learn how to create highly engaging and effective power point presentations for business meetings, workshops, seminars, product presentations and more. Learn what words to use and how to use them, the power of graphics and how to really hold the crowd’s attention. Frank White
Do you have an effective, engaging, connecting elevator speech? If not then this workshop is the one for you. All the experts say that you need an effective elevator speech to really maximize your opportunities of connecting with as many prospective clients/customers as possible. But the experts don’t tell you how to really write a great one. This class really covers all the secrets of writing a great elevator speech, power words, connecting words, engaging words and the magic of the two stage elevator speech. Frank White
This fun workshop is designed to cover the basic elements of effective public speaking. How we get past the butterfly’s. How to sandwich and stair step your message, the effective use of humor. Voice inflection, eye contact and delivery. Frank White
Getting referrals is a key component of really growing your business, expanding your market share and creating that extra buzz we all look for on our quest of increasing our sales and growing our customer base. Learn the language of getting referrals, the timing of asking that very important question, the magical wording for dramatic success in getting referrals almost every time. Frank White
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