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About Idaho Surveillance Systems:

We partner with our customers to design the best video security solution. Systems yield specific, customizable, and unique surveillance and security options for our clients, ranging from affordable low cost, simple equipment solutions to extensive, multi-functioning video cameras and equipment. We work with our customers to provide a variety of analog to IP camera choices. We also offer analysis, maintenance, and upgrades on existing systems. On-site training and warranties give our customers the tools necessary to access and manage their video files; enabling customer ownership and control of video surveillance equipment with no monthly monitoring fees. Our motto is "Security in Your Hands" ~ helping customers get control of their security by remote viewing of their cameras by PC, laptop, and Smartphone.

idaho surveillance systems boise

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1550 S. Cloverdale Rd. Ste 135
Boise, ID 83709
Phone: 208-459-0242

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