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For nearly 25 years Online Accounting has specialized in assisting start-ups and small businesses in managing their operating finances. We serve local, regional and national accounts. Our emphasis on the critical value of current and accurate accounting records helps owners save on taxes, reduce operating costs and increase profits. For more details, review our accounting services.

A Diverse Team of Experts

The Online Accounting team consists of six experts offering specialized skills in bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation. Together we handle everything from advising new businesses on setting up their financial reporting system too.

Responsive Service

We are here to help clients succeed. Small question or large reconciliation – we help you solve your accounting and tax challenges. We work year ‘round, not just during tax time, and our team is always available to return a client’s call. And when we do talk with you… we walk you through it, not just spit out the quick answer.

Our ongoing clients have what we call “Quarterly Review Contracts.” And when we say quarterly review, we mean one-to-one conversations with the business owner about current issues that affect their business. Depending on the time of year the consultation may be about future planning, year end taxes, changes in tax or employment laws, or any number of topics relevant to their business.

Business Organization and Coaching

With a combined 91 years of experience we are the trusted advisor to many business owners. We help owners determine the best organization for their new business (LLC, S-corp, C-corp, etc.). We help expanding businesses plan for larger accounts or more personnel. We help owners unclutter their offices, files and accounts for smoother operations. We teach owners how to be proactive and organized.

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Advisors to the Experts – We Wrote Books on QuickBooks!

Karen Mitchell is a best selling author of 12 guides to bookkeeping and accounting for the A/E/C and professional service industries. Her in depth knowledge of QuickBooks is based not only on her financial and business background, but also built on a consulting partnership with Intuit.

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