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Day in the Life of the Boise TechMall – Janitor's Perspective

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Day in the Life of the Boise TechMall – Janitor's Perspective

One thing that makes the job more interesting is the variety and brain power of all the people that come and go. I think by just hanging out in the building the smart energy vibrating around the walls here is making me feel smarter. I see people interacting on the 2nd floor café and lounge with small groups talking about tech this or tech that and it looks like they are really engaged. Some days we have had shoulder to shoulder crowds in meeting events where the whole building is blazing with brainy-acks who really look like they are having fun. They are drinking wine and beer, talking and smiling, involved in their conversations and it really looks interesting. The next day’s cleanup after one of those events is not so fun for the janitor, however.

Some days I get to talk to a tech tenant who offices here. I guess there is about 32 or 33 tech or business vendors and the offices are all full. It can be like sipping water from a fire hose when I have a conversation with those tech wizards. I pretend like I know what they are talking about by nodding my head when I am really hoping that they don’t walk on my freshly mopped floors. It seems like they are on another plane and mine is still on the ground. Oh well, as long as they keep using the bathrooms, walking on the floors, and filling trash cans I will have a place to go to work. But there keeps getting more and more of those people every week. I think I’m going to have to tell the boss I need a raise.

The top floor has this training center, called the First Idaho Bank Business Center. That room is rearranged differently every day. One day it has 40 or 50 chairs lined up theater style, the next day the tables are set up as desks for class room style, and another day it has a horse shoe configuration for a conference style. I wish they would make up their minds. The TechCafe will cater food there. One day I came and saw poker table tops set up, and they even held a wedding in there once. No one ever invites the janitor to those events. Maybe I’ll have my own janitor’s convention meeting poker wedding nerd gathering and talk about the latest cleaning techniques with some of my buddies. And I won’t invite them, either.

One thing is clear from a janitor’s perspective. The place is a bee hive of activity. The first floor was all these different exhibits of business and technology. It is pretty interesting to vacuum that floor. I like playing with the zoom in surveillance camera display or looking in the see through computer. They had a big drone convention down there with about 150 – 200 drone wizards and exhibits of drone products. That was pretty neat. Maybe I’ll build myself a big drone and remote control myself off into the sunset and leave all that brain power behind. Or maybe I should attend some of those events to get smarter about tech so I won’t have to mop floors. Guess I’ll have to think about that one a bit.

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