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Boise TechMall – The Dawn of a New Era in Tech Service

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Boise TechMall – The Dawn of a New Era in Tech Service

A year and a half ago the vision painted by my partner Phil was proposed at a pizza palor in Boise, and today we are on the threshold of the unveiling of that vision. Over the past 18 months I have watched as my partner Phil and his team has worked tirelessly to bring that vision to reality. A 3 story building has emerged on the corner of Cloverdale and Overland that houses an excitement and energy unlike anything I have experienced in my 30+ years as a technology consultant.

The building is buzzing with activity as tech mall consultants and service providers eagerly prepare to take up residence in a community of tech experts that are committed to providing tech seekers an amazing experience. The first floor Hi-Tech Tradeshow Experience is glowing in preparation for show casing tech solutions, the second floor Innovative Design Center will be a great place to meet over a coffee or beer/wine beverage to share ideas, and the third floor Business Solution Center with the Idaho First Business Center for training is coming to fruition.

As the final weeks of preparation progress, each time I visit the TechMall I see the vision becoming a reality. This is a concept that is bursting at the seams with possibilities and vast potential for innovative tech ideas to be created. It is ripe to fill a void in providing training on tech products and services that will appeal to young and old tech seekers, tech avoiders, and the in-between curiosity filled community who want to understand how tech can improve their lives.

Boise, get ready for something truly innovative and special!! The first of it’s kind Boise TechMall is going to be a hit and we can't wait to open the doors.

None of this would have been possible without the herculean efforts of a dedicated, energetic, entrepreneur and visionary. If a normal person attempted to plan and execute this type of immense project to bring together over 30 tech companies, build a 3 story structure, synergize to each tenant and contractor involved, and pull together a tight team of colleagues who believed in the vision, the TechMall would not come into existence. Fortunately, Phil is not a normal person. I cannot say enough about how well he has pulled this off, managing the thousands of details in the project, and never losing sight of the vision over the many speed bumps along the way. Try as I might to do so, derailing Phil along the way was not possible.

So all I can say is, “Wow! I am amazed… Thanks Phil for all your hard work!”

Boise, fasten your seat belts for the Boise TechMall! Something fun, innovative and truly special…

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