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The Joy of Learning Keeps us Young

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The Joy of Learning Keeps us Young

Remember back to your youth? The big AHA moments where mastering something brought unbridled joy? Like finally riding a bike and mastering the balance trick, or being first to raise your hand in 1st grade because you knew the answer before anyone else. Learning brings us joy, no question about it.

We live in an information age, rapidly changing, but glowing in unlimited learning opportunities. Just ask Mr. Google any question on your smart phone and you’ll get access to unlimited knowledge. When you think about how fast these learning opportunities have advanced, it is staggering.

If you were born before 1990, think about how communication has changed. It used to be that we sat down, wrote a letter, put it in an envelope, stuck it in the mail box, and several days or weeks later we may get a reply. Now a-days, just type in a text message, hit send, and usually a reply comes back within seconds or minutes. In fact, if I want to communicate to my teenage daughters, forget a phone call because the only way they respond is to a text.

The Boise TechMall’s classes will allow people of all ages and demographics the opportunity to experience the joy of learning new things. Through learning, we can bring back the AHA moments of our youth. An example of this is a business partner of mine who is approaching 80 now. Years ago I sat with Buck to show him the basics of email on his PC. I helped him move from letter writing to email, and it saved him countless hours. Then I watched him progress from feeling tethered to his PC, to now receiving all his email on his smart phone wherever he is at the moment. It has given him a new freedom and joy to know that he can be in Lake Tahoe and not have to worry about an email that needs immediate attention at his office PC, because he has that power on a device he has in his pocket.

Following is a list of all the classes we are considering offering at the Boise TechMall. Please feel free to comment and add to this list. These classes would be one to two hour classes designed to give you maximum access to the joy of learning through the AHA experience. The TechMall is for You, Boise!

  • After Christmas Gadget Review
  • I Love Facebook – And Want to Go Deeper
  • I Hate Facebook – But Need to Use It
  • Safeguarding Kids from Internet Perils
  • Smart Phone for 50+ Year Olds
  • Top 10 Smart Phone Apps
  • Building a Safe Home Network
  • Senior Review for Internet Use
  • What Your Teenagers Use Today Behind Your Back on the Internet
  • Quickbooks Tricks for Experts
  • Quickbooks for First Timers
  • Quickbooks for SoloPrenuers
  • Quickbooks for the Business Owner
  • Best of the Internet for Real Estate Investors
  • Best Apps for Real Estate Agents
  • Best Apps for Fitness Buffs
  • Best Apps for the Outdoorsman
  • Best Apps for Fisherman
  • Best Apps for Bike Riders
  • Best Apps for Cooking
  • Smart Tech for Homeowners
  • Smart Tech for Parents
  • Best Kids Gaming Sites
  • Caution – Trends to be Wary of in Tech
  • Tech Dating Sites for over 50 Year OIds
  • Tech Dating Sites for 30-50 Year Olds
  • Best Cost Effective Home Automation Tips
  • Home Theaters for DO-IT-Yourselfers
  • High End Home Automation Trends
  • Energy Efficiency Using the Latest Tech
  • Best Big Screen TV’s
  • Wireless Networks for Home Users
  • Window’s – Current Version
  • Window’s – Past Current Version 1
  • Window’s – Past Current Version 2
  • Window’s – Past Current Version XX and why you may want to move up from 1998 Technology
  • Windows for Seniors
  • Android Phones vs I-Phones – Best Choices for You

Please submit your suggestion for classes we may consider at the Boise TechMall. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO BE OF SERVICE, BOISE!

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