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Re-Humanizing Tech

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Re-Humanizing Tech

One thing is for certain. It is life changing and influences many areas of how we live. I remember as a kid the days of 3 network TV stations and a computer was a Big Blue IBM Mainframe in a vast air conditioned sterile looking room with white floors and tons of bright light flooding large rectangular boxes with rows of flashing lights. Those were the days when kids were outdoors playing street football, or meeting at the local school to play sandlot baseball, or catching honey bees in the summer, or making a secret fort somewhere not too secret. Girls played with Barbie dolls and pretended to play house.

Kids played with each other, interacted, laughed together, or fought depending on the day. They depending on each other for fun activity because there were no tablets, I-pods, video games, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, smart phones, or cable TV even. Now I rarely see kids playing outdoors with toy guns or bow and arrows playing army or cowboys and Indians. They are isolated, in-doors, playing video games or whatever the electronic entrapment of the week is. Human interaction has dramatically decreased with the abundance of technology to absorb us, entertain us, and suck us in to non-human interaction. Most of the old games I played like toy guns and cowboys and Indians are now politically incorrect.

A good example of human interaction takes place in the Irish Pubs, where people gather together to share, gossip, chat, laugh, and interact through direct human contact. Oh yes, they also drink Irish beer. Human interaction is an important aspect of social skill development, and probably reduces the tendency towards stress because when you talk to someone, you engage, make eye contact, focus on them, listen, talk when appropriate, and generally do only that one thing- interact to another human. It is calming and relaxing.

The Role of Technology

Think about technology, where we instant message while we check the weather, read the sports scores, see who posted on Facebook, get pinged for 3 new emails (probably spam advertising), snapped a selfie, and ignored 2 calls based on caller ID all within 90 seconds. No wonder our lives seem more stressful. If we just left our smart phones behind, and actually focused on talking to other humans, we may be less prone to stress and able to lead more calm and relaxed lives.

I know I sound like an old foggie, waxing nostalgic for the “good old days”. But I do see the trend to less human interaction and more digital isolation being a detriment to our society. That is one of the reasons for the Boise TechMall. We want to offer a place where people can come and interact around technology with other people face to face. We want to be able to help people utilize technology for their benefit and provide real person to person learning. Not a phone call to India, or a tech from the Philippines connecting to your PC while you are isolated in your home office alone.

The Hot Spot Inside the TechMall

We even have the Irish Pub type environment available in the TechMall. Mike, the proprietor of the Hot Spot lounge, offers beer and wine from the first-of-its-kind self-serve tech lounge where you can relax and talk to other people about tech, or whatever else you feel like chatting about. And Chris at the Tech Café has espresso and gourmet coffee along with a variety of café foods prepared in a high tech oven that is programmable remotely by food vendors wanting to offer the latest taste treats in the specialized cooking facility.

Downstairs in the Tech Showcase Exhibition Floor will be the latest technology solutions on display and a Tech Guy or Tech Gal available to guide you to the best technology solution for your needs. Not a google search with two hundred thousand links, but a real person who knows all the tech solution providers who reside in the TechMall . We have picked over 30 technology experts who have offices at the tech mall, or can be available with an appointment.

And we will have dozens of low cost informative tech training classes on the third floor Idaho First Business Center where we will provide 1 to 2 hour classes on the latest technologies. The classes will be geared to your level of technology awareness with offerings for older or less tech savvy students, or more cutting edge topics for tech wizards.

The TechMall and You

The goal of the Boise TechMall is to offer a great resource for Technology and Business while having fun! I call the approach Re-Humanizing Tech. I look forward to being of service to you upon your visit to see us. The TechMall is for YOU, Boise!

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